Meet Jake - our new knitting legend!

headspace Port Macquarie has turned hipster thanks to our newly appointed volunteer Jake!

jake wadsworth headshot4  Jake, an ex Helicopter Pilot relocated earlier this year to Port Macquarie with his wife Rachel to start a family.   Volunteering locally as an ethics teacher- It's obvious Jake has a passion for helping others.  

Jake grew up in Bonny Hills on his parent’s bush block.  Whilst attending high school at St Pauls and MacKillip (completing HSC in 2003) he found it very difficult switching off after studying. Jake’s mum and grandma taught him the basics of how to knit which gave him the perfect mindfulness exercise for switching off after study. Jake found knitting to be a very useful relaxation strategy throughout his HSC and also during his career as a Helicopter Pilot in the Royal Australian Navy. 

“Studying is one thing but being rested so that you can effective employ what you have learnt is a whole other mountain to scale”.

We look forward to having Jake in house on a regular basis ...  and for those keen to join the knitting craze,

Port Mac headspace Knitters  kicks off on Wednesday 11th of July at 2pm and is open to any young person aged 15 to 25! 

Click here  for printable version of flyer 

Port News article here

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