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You can get support for your mental health or for a young person you are supporting by creating a headspace account. You don’t need to face things alone.

Create your free headspace account today to join a supportive online community and access tools and resources to help you manage your mental health. It’s simple, free and safe

With a headspace account, you’ll get instant 24/7 access to a great range of tools and support for your mental health. Build connections in a community of like-minded young people, join group chats, create your own personalised space, and get professional 1-on-1 support — all online and free.

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Benefits for young people

Need some support?

Join group chats and discuss helpful topics with other young people, led by headspace professionals.

Want to create a space just for you?

Create your own personalised space. Collect tools and resources that work for you, and build your own mental health toolkit.

Want to connect with others?

Join the community and chat to other young people who are going through similar things. Share what’s on your mind and learn from each other.

Need to talk?

Get 1-on-1 support with headspace clinicians. Share what you’re going through with trained professionals, online or over the phone. It’s confidential, free, and can be anonymous if you prefer.

Benefits for those supporting young people

Concerned about a young person or a young person that you’re currently supporting? Creating a headspace account gives you access to a variety of useful tools and resources that you can use to better help your young person. Access professional services including specialist-led group chats where you can chat with other adults, friends and families supporting young people. Share experiences and get advice on how you can provide the best support possible.

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