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Evaluation & Research 

It is critical that our initiatives deliver great outcomes for the young people we serve. That’s why at headspace, we’re committed to ensuring that our services and programs are underpinned by the best quality evidence and are effectively meeting the needs of young people and their families.

Through our comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and research activities, headspace is building an evidence base that can support continuous quality improvement, guide service innovation and inform future directions in youth mental health through advocacy and policy reform.

Recent reports

headspace Annual Report 2020 - 2021
Read our headspace 2021 - 2021 Annual Report.
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headspace Year in Review 2020 - 2021
Read our headspace 2020 - 2021 Year in Review.
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Evaluation of headspace centre services
Read our summary report.
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Annual Reports

headspace is committed to transparency in its operations, and releases an Annual Report every financial year. These document what we’ve been done over the previous 12 months and includes financial statements that show where and how the money we receive is being spent.

headspace National Youth Mental Health Survey

This report presents the results of the headspace National Youth Mental Health Survey, an initiative of headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.