Are you a GP who wants to make a real difference to the lives of young people?

Then there’s a place for you here at headspace.

 headspace GPs work with young people aged 12-25, providing holistic care across a wide range of physical, mental and sexual health issues, playing an important role in supporting young people at a pivotal time in their lives.

About the GP role at headspace

Are you looking for a role to fit your schedule and allows you to specialise in youth healthcare? Do you value being part of a community? 

headspace has a collaborative and holistic model of care and GPs are at the core. You'll play an important role in the lives of young people while being supported by a team of experienced youth healthcare experts, which may include psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, dietitians, and mental health and/or nurse practitioners. 

There are three key aspects to a GP role at headspace: 

1. It's essential and varied

Our GPs work with young people aged 12-25 years, around mental health, sexual health, drugs and alcohol, preventative healthcare, and other physical health problems.

We know GPs vary in their interest and skills so we can build a role that best meets your interests and needs, as well as the needs of young people. You could develop your therapeutic skills or take an interest in an area of practice such as Eating Disorders, Developmental Disorders, or Gender Affirming Care.


2. It's well supported

We have a dedicated team at headspace National that provides support, encourages integrated care, and coordinates access to secondary consults, peer, psychiatry and other supports.  

We work hard to promote a safe and positive experience that allows GPs to enhance the care provided to young people. We can connect you to other headspace GPs through either one-on-one peer support or the GP community of practice.

We will also support you and headspace Centre Managers from the time you express interest in a role, through the recruitment and onboarding process, and whenever needed along your headspace GP journey.


3. You'll have access to training to build your skills and confidence

We have a variety of training options to orient you to the headspace model of care and the GP role.

There are opportunities to enhance your skills, including access to youth framed GPMHST and Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS), as well as webinars and other training that are all directly relevant to your role at headspace and supporting young people.

headspace has also developed free accredited online training for GPs working with young people. Have a look at the types of engaging, interactive and evidence informed training we provide. There are also helpful clinical resources, including videos of consultations and interviews with GPs, other experts and young people.

Free accredited training

"The best thing about working at headspace is being able to deliver holistic care to young people and have the time to address multiple issues at one appointment.

- headspace GP

Career opportunities 

Across our network of centres Australia wide, there is likely a local headspace centre looking for a GP to join their team. 

We have the various opportunities, with the flexibility to create a role that suits your schedule, in person and via telehealth: 

  • GP Registrar training - many centres offer part-time training in an extended skills post at headspace. Complement your GP training in a safe and positive learning environment. 
  • GP Sessional work - most headspace GPs work part time at headspace; from one session per week to nearly full-time work.
  • GP Leadership roles - many centres offer GP leadership roles for experienced GPs who want to do some or all of the following in a tailored role:
    • lead the development of the GP practice at headspace
    • support recruitment and retention of other GPs in the centre
    • work towards supervision of GP trainees in extended skills posts
    • work with local community GPs to enhance access and referral pathways
    • develop the capacity of the centre to undertake an area on enhanced care within a multi-disciplinary team.


There is also enhanced opportunities for improved remuneration, integration, supports, and/or GP leadership roles in rural and remote areas throughout Australia, as well as in almost every centre in New South Wales. 

Find an available position at a headspace centre near you

If you can't see a General Practitioner position advertised in your area, please register your interest and the headspace National team can connect you with your local centre. 

Benefits of becoming a headspace GP
flexible schedules, collaborative team, ongoing training

  • Flexible hours and days
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Free accredited training courses for GPs working with young people
  • Well supported and integrated work
  • Flexible roles that allow development of special interest areas
  • Portable career opportunities in a national network of over 100 GPs in over 150 headspace services
  • The ability to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable young people

Interested and want to know more? 

We’d love to explore how working in our network of over 100 GPs could work for you.

Whether you are a GP wanting to make the most of your extensive experience in youth and or mental health or just starting out, we'd love to hear from you. Complete the expression of interest form or email us at

We look forward to working with you. 

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"Working at headspace offers me the ability to learn every session - even if it’s just learning about a young person

- headspace GP