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What makes a stronger you?

You are made up of many wonderful parts. These include your:

  • strong spirit
  • strong culture
  • strong identity
  • strong mind
  • strong place
  • strong purpose
  • strong relationships
  • strong body


Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will yarn about all of this as your whole self. Connecting to country, to culture and other things you find important strengthens the spirit. Our spirit then gives us good energy and healthy thoughts to power our mind and body. It’s OK not to feel OK sometimes. When you are as strong and deadly in as many parts of you as possible, then you are a stronger you for your family, your friends, your community and most importantly you.

Why don’t you take five to find out more about the wellbeing wheel [1] to learn how to make a stronger you or download and create your own wheel (PDF, 335kb).


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Last reviewed 1 July 2021.


[1] Wellbeing wheel reference:

Gee, G., Dudgeon, P., Schultz, C., Hart, A, & Kerrie, K. (2014).Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Emotional Wellbeing. In P. Dudgeon., H. Milroy, & R. Walker (Eds.), Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice (2nd Ed.) (pp. 55-68). Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia.