Spill the Beans - coffee connection group - That's A Wrap for 2022

Port Macquarie
31 Aug 2022
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'Spill the Beans' 2021/2022

Updated November 2022 :

The past few years have been tough. As a small community we have experienced drought, flood, bush fire and COVID, and we wanted to make sure no one was feeling isolated or left behind- that is where the Spill the Beans Project came to life! Spill the Beans aims to bring young people 16-25yrs together to share and connect by encouraging self-care and social inclusion. We supply FREE cafe coffee (or hot chocolate), games & casual chats. They were drop-in sessions, so it was a great way to hi, check in with each other and meet some new people.

We trialed Spill the Beans in different areas in the region. From Cafe to Cafe we spread our love to ensure local businesses could also reap the benefits of the project - Thanks to Ruins Cafe, The Hill cafe, Round & Round (Roto House) and Charles Sturt University.  

This project was proudly funded by the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council through the Community Grants Program and we cant thank them enough for supprting this project- it was a great success! 

Check out all the coverage here... 

Camden Courier, Wauchope (Port App) and Port News covered our project in their news..  you can read the articles here:

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If you have any questions, wish to get involved, or support future headspace projects call: 6588 7300