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Feeling stressed about the cost of living in Australia? Check out videos, resources and support services for young people to improve financial wellbeing.

Conversations & tips on dealing with the rising cost of living  

The rising cost of living can have a big impact on our mental health.

 In the latest headspace National Youth Mental Health Survey, when we asked young people what concerns need to be addressed most urgently, over half of participants aged 18-25 said financial instability, and 2 in 5 said housing affordability. 

Check out our two part series, where David and Hamish sit down for a Q&A with a headspace mental health clinician and headspace work and study specialist to unpack all things cost of living.

YouTube Video


Part 1

  • Looking after your mental health
  • Communicating and setting financial boundaries with family and friends
  • Tips to set yourself up for success

YouTube Video


Part 2

  • Tips for balancing work and study
  • Making decisions about your career
  • Moving out of home and renting
  • Services you can turn to for financial support


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The rising cost of living is a significant stressor for many people in society. Young people can especially feel vulnerable, with factors like study debt, unstable housing and working casual jobs that might not always make ends meet. Challenges like these and struggling to afford basic necessities can be hard and impact on on your mental health.   

Join our eheadspace clinicians and the headspace National Youth Reference Group to learn more about what mental health supports you can access and how to navigate the struggles of the rising cost of living.

Tuesday 6th February between 7-8pm AEST. Click here to register for our session (and before the day to set a reminder for yourself if you want).

Each week, we host group chats on a range of topics where young people can connect, share experiences and trade tips. Chat topics include general coping, where we discuss keeping on top of stress and life's daily challenges, and work and study, all about tips and tricks for achieving career and study related goals.

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