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There are heaps of services available, which offer practical tools and information to help you manage your money.

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Money Smart Australia

This website is a great resource if you need financial help. In the Budgeting section of this guide, there is a Budgeting Tool, but there is also heaps more including:   

Debt Reduction

  • Credit Card Calculator
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Repossessed Cars / Goods
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Agreements
  • Bills, Utilities and Fines Support

Money Management

  • Housing, Emergency Payments and Community Organisation Support
  • Managing on a low income
  • Savings Buffer / Emergency Funds

Planning for your Future

  • Savings Plans
  • Investment Plans
  • Superannuation
  • Life Insurance


Check out the Money Smart site

mind & money

Feeling stressed about the rising cost of living? Check out Mind & Money, our Q&A video series for young people


Centrelink (Services Australia)

Find out what financial assistance you might be eligible for and how to navigate Centrelink (Services Australia) by using the Centrelink Payment Finder Tool. It’s a great starting point to help you work out if you’re able to get any financial help.

You will need to create a MyGov account to start your application online. MyGov allows you to link services including the ATO, Centrelink and Medicare together into the one secure account.

See below for more information about some of the Government help available:


Check out information about other financial support



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