the future

Resources and information on facing uncertainty for young people and those supporting a young person’s mental health

The future can be exciting and full of new opportunities. It can also bring changes big and small that may lead to feelings of uncertainty. We might be thinking about higher education, vocational training, or first jobs, and feel worried about aligning our plans with other’s expectations. Some people can feel excited about what the future holds and for others it may seem overwhelming. It’s normal to experience some discomfort as a result of change.  

We have helpful resources and ways to get support for young people facing uncertainty about the future and information for family, health professionals and educators.

Concerns about the future

School and further education 

School including further education is a time for learning and growing, and with that comes change. This can be exciting for some and may feel daunting for others.  Learn more about navigating transitions and tackling stress that may be associated with studying.  


Work and career

A job is often a large part of our life, you may love your job or chosen career, or maybe you view it as just a way to pay the bills and fund your life outside of work. No matter what it is for you, it may come with some challenges, learn more here about managing those challenges and what support is available.


Money and budgeting 

Finances can be confusing and overwhelming, learn more about setting up a budget and what financial options and services are available here.  


Global issues and world events

There are some issues that affect us all, directly and indirectly, and there may be conflicting opinions on how to manage these global issues. This may cause some concern for the future. Learn more about what you can do to manage these feelings here and connect with others that may be feeling the same way.  


Setting goals 

When looking towards the future, setting goals can be a great way to increase motivation and create the change we want to see in our self or our space. Learn more here.


Changing family dynamics 

Every family is different, families can also change over time, this may be confusing and stressful, learn more about navigating changes in your family here. 


Other resources 

  • Year 13 has a number of resources on work and study   
  • ReachOut has resources to help under 25s and their parents through tough times


How to get support

If you are having a tough time, it’s important that you reach out to a trusted friend, family member, teacher or Elder to share what you are going through. Or you can get in touch with your local headspace centre or use our online or phone-based service at eheadspace.

You can also get free online 1-on-1 support with finding a job or further education with headspace Work and Study

For immediate help contact: triple zero (000) if it is an emergency

National 24/7 crisis services:


Additional youth support services include: