I'm a young person

If you are a young person aged between 12-25 and need information relating to general mental health, physical health, work & study and alcohol and other drugs, this section is designed for you.


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Mental ill-health
Navigating life
Alcohol & other drugs
Work & study
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study support and tips

There's no one single way to study, with so many different study techniques out there the key is finding what works best for you!

Coping with big changes - leaving secondary school

One major transition that most young people experience relates to what happens after leaving secondary school, and this can bring significant changes and challenges.

how to reduce stress & prepare for exams

To help reduce stress and ensure that you're as organised as you can be, learn more about planning and looking after yourself and about staying focused in order to be as ready for the exam as you can be.

face to face vs. online learning

Explore the ways you can choose to learn, be it face-to-face; online; or on the job
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stress can make you feel overwhelmed.

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Work & study support

headspace work and study Programs support 15-25-year-olds with everything education and employment related. From finding your first job to deciding what to study, we can help.
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setting up healthy work and study habits

It's really important to set up some healthy work and study habits, whether you're at home, at the office/ TAFE/ Uni, or some combination of these! Join the headspace team as we'll share some of our experiences to help you get set up for the year to come!
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starting Uni or TAFE

Starting TAFE or uni for the first time is exciting, but can be a little scary too! If you'd like to get a bit of a head-start on what to expect, understand what sorts of supports your provider might have in place, or hear some experiences from other people about then come along to this chat with headspace staff!