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The Big Stigma

1 in 4 young Aussies will experience mental health issues and most of them will not seek help. There are many reasons why, although stigma plays a major role. To combat stigma, headspace encourages all Australians to talk more openly about mental health issues, which makes it easier for young people to seek help for them.

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Yarn Safe

Is there a lot going on? If you feel like there is too much happening clearing your head can help. There is no shame in talking it out. headspace is your space to yarn safe.

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Fathers Campaign

A lot of things go unsaid between young men and their dads. The headspace Fathers campaign aims to open up the conversation between fathers and sons and raise awareness about the support services available.

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reword is the first technology of its kind in Australia. It works by identifying cruel or intimidating words in real time to prompt online users to reword their message or post.

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