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Mental health information and resources for multicultural young people

Caring for your mental health and wellbeing can look different across people and cultures. Hear from multicultural young people about their experiences and explore helpful resources to support your mental health.

Your cultural identity and mental health & wellbeing

Your cultural identity can influence your sense of belonging and fitting in. It also shapes your values and your views on health and wellbeing.

Getting support for mental health

Read our resource about ways to access mental health support for multicultural young people.

Online & phone support

Create a free headspace account to build your own mental health toolkit, get access to 1-on-1 chats with mental health and wellbeing professionals, join group chats to share experiences, plus more.

 Read our past group chat transcripts

headspace regularly host group chats led by mental health professionals, covering a range of different topics. All group chat transcripts are available to read on the headspace website. You might be interested in one of the below chats:

With many young people having connections to countries and cultures in addition to Australia, it is important to have conversations to explore, honour and celebrate our different cultural identities. Read our chat about exploring your cultural identity.

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There are times when we experience racism, and notice ourselves feeling frozen, lost for words, scared and even angry. Read our chat about shared experiences and ways to respond to racism.

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Mental health can be understood differently among individuals, families, ethnicities, cultures and countries. Read our chat about seeking support for your mental health and navigating the challenges of cultural stigma.

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When you’re growing up in Australia, but your parents grew up somewhere else, having confidence in your own personal values/belief when your parents might not agree can be stressful. Read our chat about ways to have conversations with your parents and being better able to understand each other.

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Managing work, study and life activities can be tough, particularly when you are new to the Australian culture and the various services. Read our chat to learn about the services available for international students.

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Sometimes we don’t feel able to talk about the things that are important to us, often this is because we worry about stigma and how we might be perceived if we express our opinions. Read our chat about ways to manage difficult but important conversations.

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Resources for family and friends

Are you supporting a young person? Hear from Gurvinder, a member of the headspace National Family and Friends Reference Group and her experiences in caring for her sister after migrating to Australia.

Discover more topics and information on supporting a young person's mental health and wellbeing.

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