keep working on you

Find the tools you need to look after your wellbeing with help from headspace and ditch the unrealistic expectations featured in the 'Unachievys' videos.

Connect with people like you

Chat with other young people who get you in headspace’s online peer group chats. You can join chats on helpful topics, or even read transcripts of past chats.

Mental health support online

Connect 1-on-1 with a headspace online mental health professional and learn skills to handle tough times. It’s confidential, free and can be anonymous if you prefer.

Make Work & Study work for you

Get support to develop skills and confidence to reach your goals, find a job, connect with a career mentor, or just get some help choosing what to study.

Schools & Communities

Support for families
It’s important for a young person to be supported by their family – whether by birth, choice or circumstance – especially if they’re experiencing a tough time. See our services and resources designed for family.
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Support for educators
Programs designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of school communities and beyond, through evidence-based mental health promotion, prevention, early intervention and postvention services. Discover our initiatives.
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Watch the 'Unachievys' ads and ditch unrealistic expectations

For all sorts of different reasons, many of us might place high and unrealistic expectations on ourselves. We know that many young people also place high and unrealistic expectations on themselves – just like in the 'Unachievys'. That’s why it’s important to try to recognise this, and practice how you can look after yourself and move forward. We’re all on our own journey, and at headspace, we’re here to help along the way.