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The story

We are connected, red desert sands bring winds of change, Kookaburra calls in a brand new day, and sunlight breaks through, igniting passions.

Pathways lead back to Country we are complete, rhythmic sounds guide us through.

Fire transforms, seed cracks, bottlebrush blossoms we are renewed, Culture is strong.

Mountains form, rivers flow to turquoise seas, freshwater - saltwater. Earth is renewed seasons complete, our knowledge is shared wisdom is imparted. This is our place to grow, we are strong and we are connected.

Beginning at the centre of the artwork the ‘U’ shaped symbols represent two people seated talking, discussing, yarning. Surrounding them are dots that represent their lives and issues that they are dealing with both good and bad.

Larger dots lead along a clear pathway with lines radiating outward representing hope, woven lines strengthen bonds. The surrounding concentric circles represent each State and Territory where headspace are present, supporting young people to live better lives. The circles are connected, knowledge is shared wisdom is imparted, minds are strong, Country is strong when people are strong and connected to Culture. These elements together form a map of the Human brain and also a map of Country and Culture.

When your mind is Strong and your Country and Culture is strong, Cultural pathways radiate outwards and lead to and from the central motif, (Human brain) back to Country and back to Culture that renews and strengthens us.

The headspace Story3


The headspace Story • mind • body • spirit • culture • country is artwork that's been created by artist Riki Salam of We Are 27 Creative after consultation with key members of the headspace network and cultural advisors.

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