Got stuff going on? NIP it in the bud!

Sometimes we all need a bit of help when it comes to our mental health, the first step is noticing when that is and to start the conversation
Kristen Douglas, head of headspace Schools & Communities, talks about the NIP it in the bud framework.

What does NIP it in the bud stand for? 

 Notice, Inquire, Provide 

Notice - changes in mood and behaviour that may indicate a young person is finding it hard to manage mental health challenges. 

Have you noticed changes in someone's behaviour or your own? Perhaps experiencing feelings of anger, sadness or difficulty focusing or getting good quality sleep. Withdrawing from friends or activities, can be signs of emerging mental health difficulties that may need some extra support. 


Inquire - sensitively and competently about the young person's experiences.

This is the time to have a conversation, ask your friend or young person (or yourself) what is going on that may be affecting the behaviour? It's important we take this time to listen and understand what's going on. 

Provide - s
upport or referrals to young people.

The final step is to provide support; through the inquiry step you may have an idea of what further support may be needed. It could be: 

  • Brainstorming some ideas together on how to ease stress or manage the particular situation
  • Looking up and reading some online articles
  • Talking to a teacher, school counselor or family member
  • Reaching out to a professional mental health service, like your local headspace centre or eheadspace



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