By their side

Information and resources for family members supporting the mental health of young people

Family members can play an integral part of a young person’s circle of care. If you’re supporting a young person going through a tough time with their mental health, headspace is also here to help support you through these challenges and transitions. Explore our resources below to get started.

YouTube Video

Hear other people's stories

Browse the below videos to hear from members of the headspace Family and Friends Reference Group about their experiences and advice on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people.


Online chats led by peers

Fortnightly Mondays at 6:15pm – 9:45pm AEDT. If you are an adult supporting a young person, it can be helpful to chat with other adults about their experiences.

Online chats led by clinicians

Monthly group chats hosted by trained mental health clinicians. Chats cover a range of topics that can help answer questions about supporting your young person's mental health.

Online & phone support

Creating a headspace account gives you access to a variety of useful tools and resources that you can use to better help your young person.

Facebook: A series of conversations with parents, for parents

We’ve had a lot of feedback lately around how COVID-19 has impacted the family and how young people’s routines and mental health have changed. Many family and friends of young people have asked us for help and guidance on how to navigate all of this. This series works through some of the questions you may have about how to better support your young person’s mental health. Each episode has a mix of clinical experts and real-life family members and friends, and we chat through the things that are important right now in supporting young people. We’d like to thank Facebook for their partnership and collaboration on this video series, and the opportunity to reach so many parents who are looking for support through this time.

Episode 1


Episode 2



Episode 3


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