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  • Monday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Thursday: 10:30am - 6:30pm
  • Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


In response to COVID-19, we are now offering face to face and telehealth supports. 

If you have questions, or if you are new to headspace, please CALL US FIRST on 02 8048 3350, please do not come directly into the centre. 

Location: From Monday 22nd August 2022 :

We are located at Level 1, 8 Woodville Street, above Service NSW. Our centre is an 4 minute walk from Hurstville Station and a 4 minute walk from Westfield Hurstville which offers 2 hour free parking. There is also a council car park offering 2 hour free parking close by on the corner of Park Road and Queens Road.

Disability Access: There is lift accessibility and there is street parking available outside the building, however this may be limited. 


  • Monday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Thursday: 10:30am - 6:30pm
  • Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

headspace Hurstville is operated by Stride. All headspace services are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. Administration of funding is carried out by the headspace centre’s local Primary Health Network, in this case, Central and Eastern Sydney (EIS Health Ltd).


Get tips on how to prepare your resume and present for interviews. Find out about local employment opportunities (full time, part-time, or casual).

Mental health workers – which may include psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and other workers – that can help if you're just not feeling yourself.

Sexual health screenings on site or links to local services. 

A group of young people who help with events and some decision making at a centre. Ask your centre about getting involved.

If you live near our headspace centre in a rural area but cannot travel in to see us, you can see our mental health workers online.

GPs can help with any physical health issues as well as issues related to sexual health, drug or alcohol use, relationship problems or feeling down or upset. Your centre may have a GP on site or links to one locally. 

Workers either on site or linked to the centre who can assist you with any alcohol or other drug concern.

Centres have a range of programs and activities for young people. Just ask your centre what they have on. 

“As soon as I sought help, I suddenly realised that my anxiety was very treatable and that I wasn’t alone.”
- Charlie


Jobs and volunteering

Positions currently available at headspace Hurstville

Employer: Stride Mental Health

About Us:

We’re leaders in mental health service delivery, specialising in working with adults and young people, and in early childhood intervention.

Stride is a name that expresses our ambition – it’s a name that’s purposeful and shows awareness of the important role we play in the recovery journey.

As we embark on the next stage of our journey, join us to make a difference. We're here to Stride. 


About the service:

headspace Centres act as a one-stop-shop for young people who need help with mental health, physical health, alcohol and other drugs and/or work and study support.


About the opportunities:

We are seeking Private Practitioners, to join our multidisciplinary team supporting people 12-25 years of age living with mental ill-health.

  • You will work within a supportive, multidisciplinary team as part of an inclusive workplace culture
  • Supporting young people living with mental ill-health.
  • Providing high standard assessments, psychological, counselling and therapeutic interventions
  • Opportunities to run group programs
  • Liaising and working with internal and external stakeholders
  • Your income will be derived directly from Medicare Billings so you will need to be eligible to provide services under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS - Better Access).
  • You will be remunerated based on the number of clients that are seen and Contractors are responsible for their own invoicing to Stride.


About the benefits:

  • We have multiple opportunities available at both Hurstville and Miranda
  • Flexible work days scheduled around your commitments
  • Administrative support, including billing and appointment bookings
  • Working with and having the support of a friendly multi-disciplinary team
  • Daily case review
  • Paperless practice with IT support
  • Ongoing referral base
  • Lead Agency, Stride, with over 100 years' experience in the Mental Health sector
  • Access to Clinical Education offered within the Stride centres
  • Access to funded professional development opportunities
  • Developing increased skills in working with young people.



  • Current registration with AHPRA, and Medicare Australia.
  • Hold one of the following qualifications: Clinical Psychologist, General Psychologist, Mental health Accredited Social Worker or Mental Health Accredited Occupational Therapists. 
  • Experience liaising and working with internal and external stakeholders.


Vaccination against COVID-19 is a requirement for all positions and is in accordance with Stride policy. As part of the recruitment process Stride requests evidence of vaccination status (in accordance with privacy principles) to ensure compliance with this policy requirement.  


Stride is an inclusive workplace and we encourage applications from diverse backgrounds. This includes but is not limited to people with a lived-experience of mental health recovery, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities.


Apply now!

To apply complete the online application form, attach a copy of your CV and a cover letter outlining your suitability for the available role.

For any queries please email recruitment@stride.com.au

Apply now

More information

Young Person or Self-Referral 

If you are a young person aged 12-25, family or friend and you are enquiring about headspace Hurstville services for yourself or someone else you do not require a formal referral, simply phone and have a quick chat with one of our staff and they can help you arrange an appointment. You can also fill out this self-referral form and someone will get back to you soon. 

Our contact details are:

Phone: 02 8048-3350

Email: headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au

Address: Level 1, 8 Woodville Street, Hurstville NSW 2220


Service Provider and School Counsellor Referrals

If you are a Service Provider, School Counsellor or Welfare staff, you can provide a written referral on behalf of a young person to attend headspace Hurstville. 

Please fill out this pdf Form and send it through to headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au. Someone will get back to you soon.



We understand that asking for help when you're not feeling yourself can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable. Because of this, we have made our referral process as easy as possible.

If you are 12-25:

  • You can refer yourself
  • You can have a family member or friend refer you (with your consent)
  • Your GP can refer you
  • Your school, TAFE, University or other service providers can refer you or assist you in making an appointment

If you are under 16 years of age, we encourage you to bring along a parent, care giver or support person for your first appointment.

To make an appointment

You can call us on (02) 8048 3350
You can email us at headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au
You can drop in and see us at Level 1, 8 Woodville Street, Hurstville.

While we do accept walk-in appointments we prefer young people and referrers call our reception staff to book an initial appointment.

Please be aware that our phone and email accounts are only checked during our opening hours. If you require immediate support, please contact:

  • eheadspace on 1800 650 890 or Online & Phone Support
  • Kids Helpline on 18100 551 800
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14
  • Emergency Services on 000



At headspace Hurstville, we take your privacy very seriously and anything shared with us is confidential. We keep all your information on a secure database which is only available to headspace Hurstville staff. The law stops us from sharing your information outside these people unless we have your permission. Sometimes you do not want us to share your information and we respect that, however there may be times when we need to talk to someone without your permission, such as; if you or someone else is at significant risk of harm or if the law requires us to do so.


Services are free, with 10 appointments bulk billed per year covered by Medicare when you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan. 

You don’t need to have a Mental Health Treatment Plan before contacting headspace and coming in for your first appointment.  This can be arranged for you with your own GP, after you attend.

Bulk Billing is where headspace, instead of charging you, can bill Medicare (or the Australian government) for the health services that you receive.  


Reception Team

Senior Medical Receptionist








Medical Receptionist


Name: Dani

Pronouns: She/her

My role involves … greeting young people, handling any enquiries, giving young people & families information about Headspace & what we offer, taking & passing on any messages & making bookings for young people plus all other administrative tasks.

Favourite part of the job … I love being a part of an organisation that helps & supports young people & their families.

Things I like to do outside of work .. I love to be with my kids & husband, go to the beach, enjoy fun activities, play sports together, cook food together, watch movies, garden & do creative jobs




Clinical Team

Youth Access Clinicians (YAC)




Name: Ayesha

Pronouns: she/her

My role involves... providing therapy to young people.

Favourite part of the job is... getting to hear my client’s story and playing a small part in supporting them on their life journey.

My secret talent is: being able to watch all the extended editions of Lord of Rings in one sitting.

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is... play video games. My favourite games are Borderlands 2 and GOW.

Fun fact about me is... that I am obsessed with chocolate and will choose dessert over food any day.




Name: Hilde

Pronouns: she/her

My favourite part of the job is working with our legendary young people!

What's your favourite food? Personally, anything with mayonnaise is a winner for me—I believe it complements all dishes.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?: I wanted to be both a homicide detective and a veterinarian. I've always been fascinated by crime and, in my childhood, secretly operated a VET service from our garage, bringing injured animals’ home without my parents' knowledge….

I didn't know... a prawn's heart is located in its head. While waiting in line at the fish shop last week, I asked the fish guy to share some prawn facts. It also turns out prawns are crustaceans, not fish….

One thing I like to do outside work is... I enjoy disconnecting from the world in my van—going off-grid without talking to or seeing anyone. I believe I'd be a perfect fit for the TV series 'Alone.'



Name: Sam

Pronouns: she/her

My role involves… working alongside young people as they navigate all of the hurdles life throws at them. As part of the journey, I help people understand themselves, their needs, dreams, and goals; while also helping them learn how they interact in the world, how to have healthy relationships and most importantly, how to have a meaningful relationship with the person that matters most…themselves!

Favourite part of my job… when clients have those really profound ‘ah ha!’ moments and begin to realise that they are truly wonderful just as they are and its other influences that have made them think they are not.

I didn’t really know… that I would have a full circle moment and end up in the very same career as my Mum!

My secret talent is that I can get a sense of people easily (call it intuition!) – oh and I can do a headstand!

There are a number of places… I have visited around the world. I still stand by the fact nothing will ever beats an orange sunset in Santorini or swimming with turtles in Hawaii!

Being a counsellor… I find it so interesting to meet so many people from so many diverse backgrounds, of different ages and life experiences. My job and those I meet are endlessly fascinating!

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is… take a book to the beach and read, swim, read, repeat!

Fun fact about me is… I have met Rita Ora (she’s very down to earth and funny!).




Graduate Program


Name: Nick

Pronouns: he/him

My role involves: Helping young people live a life where they are confident and support them in realising that they can face any challenge that might come their way.

Favourite part of the job: Seeing young people start to realise their potential and value themselves more!

My secret talent is… I play the Viola (it’s like a big Violin!)

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is: Going on a big walk and catching up with my friends and partner.

Fun fact about me is: I used to be a waiter in London and once served the Queen at a dinner for her 91st birthday!


Senior YAC


Name: Olivia

Pronouns: She/her

Small description of what you do: I provide brief intervention and initial intake appointments for our young people. I also help guide and train our lovely placement students. I am also passionate about providing feedback and improving the way our centres operate, to better allow young people to easily access our support and services and reduce any barriers to coming into our space ????

What’s one thing you love about your work/ working for headspace? Tricky to pick just one! I am incredibly humbled when young people allow me to walk their journey and experiences with them and support them where I can.

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is: I relax by being active – whether it’s through a barre class, walking in nature, or sitting by the beach.

Fun fact about me is: I love to go on foodventures! If you have any recommendations of some stellar places to check-out, let me know or leave a post-it note here!


Brief Intervention Clinicians










Schools Based Clinician


Name: Zana

Pronouns: she/her

Small description of what you do: I provide mental health support to various schools across the Sutherland Shire and St George Regions, offering one-on-one and group-based sessions.

What’s one thing you love about your work/ working for headspace: Promotion of mental health discussion and treatment has traditionally been challenging. As someone who was raised in a community with this perspective, I would like to emphasise the importance of mental health, especially among youth. Family and societal expectations, in addition to one's own sense of self-worth, can be incredibly detrimental to a young person's development. Through my professional endeavours, I intend to promote mental health as an integral component of our daily life.



Alcohol & Drugs Clinician








Family Therapist








Mental Health Clinicians 


Name: Ran

Pronouns: she/her

My role involves…helping young people with slightly more complex or long-term problems get what they want out of their life. I am a Mental Health Clinician and I can see young people and their families for up to 20 sessions.

Favourite part of the job… is meeting all the awesome young people, witnessing their amazing resilience and helping them to get back on track with their life.

My secret talent is… animal impersonations, building Ikea furniture and inventing a meal out of 3 random ingredients from the fridge.

I am… terrible at singing but an enthusiastic group karaoke participant.

I like… really sour warheads.

Fun fact about me is: I will want to pat any dog that walks past me.



General Practitioner 


Name: Sylvia

Pronouns: She/ her

My role as a GP at headspace involves... physical check up, mental health reviews, arranging mental health treatment plans and medication assessments. I deal with just any general medical issues that one would present to a doctor in any primary health setting.

The favourite part of my job is... to hopefully make a difference in the lives of young people and to help them make progress in their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Being a... mum of 3 boys including one with special needs is hard work!

I like... cooking even though I’m very bad at it …. You will never see me in the next episode of Masterchef!

Things I do to relax and have fun on my days off... include yoga , doing an exercise run or cycling around the city with my hubby.


Consulting Psychiatrist












Clinical Educator


Name: Rina

Pronouns: she/ her

My role involvesthe coordination, development and delivery of a student placement program. I provide mentoring, support and supervision to students and graduates.

Favourite part of the job is... seeing students and graduates grow in their skills and confidence.

There are a number of... places on my wish list to explore in the world. I have visited over 50 countries so far and am hoping to add a couple more this year.

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is... cooking or visiting the cinema.

Fun fact about me is... I am a big fan of antiques and vintage wares. I have over the years picked up various old things that I have no idea what they are. I really enjoy researching what period an item has come from and what is was originally used for.


Management Team

Clinical Manager


Name: Ed

Pronouns: he/him

My job as... the clinical manager at headspace Hurstville is to help support and guide our amazing team of clinicians. I handle a lot of the behind the scenes stuff so they can get on with doing what they do best! I am also a registered psychologist and have been a practicing clinician with the headspace Hurstville team for a few years.

When I was growing up, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. I think I wanted to be a Pokemon at some stage but that didn’t really work out. At university I fell in love with all things psychology and mental health and have never looked back.

My secret talent is having an amazing memory for my favourite music, shows, and games, whilst also being completely unable to remember more than 3 people’s birthdays.

What I love about headspace Hurstville is... that I get to come in every day and work with such a dedicated and friendly team to support some truly inspirational young people. Our clients play such an important role in the future of our society, and it’s a real privilege to see you all grow and thrive and kick goals.


Centre Manager


Name: Bruno

Pronouns: he/him

What’s one thing you love about your work/ working for headspace?: We have the best team; it is such a great service, and it is a privilege to work here.

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is: Spending time with friends and family.

Fun fact about me is: I travelled around Thailand and Laos at 16 for a month, mostly on my own!

Small description of what you do: Support the team and help them do their best work. Lots of emails and meetings.


Practice Manager 


Name: Raquel

Pronouns:  she/her 

headspace role/title: PM - Prime Minister, Jks Practice Manager ???? 

Small description of what you do: I am a jack of all trades across the Hurstville & Miranda centres! My role is to support the team, so my door is always open, and I work hard to ensure staff feel heard and supported in the workplace. I thoroughly enjoy helping staff grow personally and professionally so I advocate and empower them to achieve their goals however I can. I thrive on team building and cohesion. 

What’s one thing you love about your work/ working for headspace? I love the overall workplace culture at headspace, it is one I hadn't had the privilege of experiencing prior to working here - everyone is encouraged and empowered to be their authentic, unique selves. I am extremely proud of the work we do, advocating for and supporting young people who are going through challenges that we can all relate to; having been young once! Truly grateful to be in an environment that fosters personal and professional learning and development and to work alongside such knowledgeable, accepting, friendly & fun teams. I always feel like I'm doing a sales pitch when I talk about working for headspace but I honestly feel very lucky to be here! 

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is: Go to the beach or catch up with family and friends ???? I also have a new-found love for pilates & find it very relaxing albeit hard! 

Fun fact about me is: I was born and raised in New Zealand tiI I was 8 years old when I migrated to Australia ON MY OWN as I could not wait to get here!! My aunty who I had only met a couple of times, picked me up from the Airport and we left my passport in the trolley ????


Community Engagement 

Community Engagement Coordinator


Name: Christina

Pronouns: she/her

My role involves … what the title says! Us CE’s are all about Community Awareness and engaging with as many young people as possible, just out in the community. You might see us in green out at local events, schools, or other youth services. I also run our Social Groups, Social media and Youth Reference Group, who are the very heart of headspace Hurstville and our service.

Favourite part of the job … everything. I am extremely lucky to be a part of this team which promotes a great service, especially in an amazing region which means a great deal to me.

I like … hot chips and Darrell lea chocolate raspberry bullets. Unbeatable.

One thing I do to relax and have fun on my days off is: Play football, head to the beach or catch up with family and friends.

Fun fact about me is: I am a semi-pro/ semi-amateur footballer! St George represent

headspace Hurstville offers workshops to schools within the St George region. Due to the age range of our service, workshops are offered for Years 7-12. If you would like to book in a workshop, please email us at headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au 

Important Points to Consider

Presentations to staff

We want to ensure that as a service we are meeting the needs of schools in the area as well as promoting a whole school approach to mental health. Before delivering workshops, we encourage schools to invite us in to meet and present to all staff to ensure they are aware of what we do too.

Type of workshop

Please note that headspace Hurstville provides education workshops that are of a general nature and have a health promotion and education focus. We deliver these workshops to promote positive mental health and well-being and encourage young people to do the same. Our Community Engagement Team are unable to provide sessions with a medical or therapeutic focus.

Invite Other Schools

We encourage partnering with other schools when creating events such as well-being days. Due to the number of requests which headspace Hurstville receives, events that involve interschool partnerships and reach a broader audience will be encouraged.

Demand for request

It is important to note that while headspace Hurstville will endeavour to meet all requests in a timely manner, there may be times when this is not possible due to the clinical demand on the service.


If you would like some resources and fact sheets regarding youth mental health please view our printable fact sheets

School Support

headspace School Support is an initiative funded by the Federal Government, Department of Health, that provides localised support to secondary schools affected by a suicide.

The service is flexible and is designed to respond to the individual needs of schools. Support is provided by working with relevant education bodies, local headspace Centres and other service providers.

Call us on 1800 688 248 or email schoolsupport@headspace.org.au

Please note office hours are 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Friday. Calls and emails received outside these hours will be attended to on the next working day.

To learn more visit programs in school communities


We run a range of different groups throughout the year - for the most up to date information on our groups, send us an email at headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au


Check out our current groups here





Are you looking to join a group? Have you joined one of our groups before? Do you want to provide feedback for potential groups in the future? 


Head to the link to help us plan for our next groups and let us know if we are meeting the needs of young people in the St George and Sutherland Shire communities!



You may need a Medicare card to access some of our services. We can help you to apply for this if needed. 

If you do not have a Medicare card and are over 15 years of age, you can apply via Services Australia.

If you are ineligible to apply for a Medicare Card, give us a call and our Intake team can speak with you about what services are available to you. 

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We are so grateful to be supported by such an amazing community!

Fundraisers and donations assist us to raise awareness and educate the community on mental health and wellbeing. They also help us to improve our centre helping to make sure young people have a positive experience when they visit us.



If you would like to organise a fundraiser for headspace Hurstville, please get in touch with our Community Engagement Coordinator at headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au or on (02) 8048 3350.

Stuck for ideas? You could host a:

  • Morning/afternoon tea
  • Bake sale
  • Wellness festival at your school or workplace
  • Fun run
  • Mufti day
  • headspace day event



If you would like to make a donation to headspace Hurstville, please get in touch with our centre on (02) 8048 3350 or send an email to headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please let us know if you require a receipt for your donation.


Any upcoming events will be advertised online on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Got an event coming up and want headspace to be a part of it? Let us know! You can also give us a call if you have questions about an event or group coming up on 8048 3350.



headspace Hurstville offers workshops to educational institutions and organisations within the St George region. For an overview of the workshops that we offer as well as a booking request form, please see the 'School Workshops' tab.



headspace Hurstville has a number of community partners that we work with. If you're interested in partnering with headspace on an event or project, let us know!


Fundraising & Donations

We have been so grateful to members of our local community that have kindly donated to the centre, allowing us to run events, groups and programs for young people and the wider community. If you would like to fundraise on behalf of headspace Hurstville or would like to make a donation to support our work with young people with mental health issues,  please contact us and someone will be in touch with further information. Thanks for wanting to support us!



If you would like to distribute resources (eg factsheets, info cards, brochures, business cards and more) please request at headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au


For all enquiries regarding Community Engagement activities, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator Christina by emailing christina.dendrinos@stride.com.au

The Youth Reference Group (YRG) is made up of a diverse group of young volunteers aged 16-25 years, who help support and guide the centre on key components of youth mental heath service delivery and community awareness initiatives both within the centre and the broader community.

The role of the YRG is varied and members are offered a range of opportunities to contribute to our centre and their community including; reviewing decisions regarding the day to day running of the centre, helping plan youth events and representing headspace Hurstville at events or in the media.

If you would like to join our headspace Hurstville Youth Advocates Group please email headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au and attention Community Engagement Coordinator.

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 Watch this short video our Youth Reference Group created a few years back!

We need your help!

Are you a family member or friend of a young person getting support with us?


We're looking for a Family & Friends Representative to join our Consortium to provide advice on how we can improve our centre and meet the needs of our community.


Our Consortium consists of our management team, young people and our partner organisations. 


What's the time commitment? We hold one meeting each quarter (every 3 months). Meetings are approximately 1.5 hours long. 


Where are the meetings? Meetings are held in our meeting room here in the centre with the option to connect via Microsoft Teams.


How do I learn more? Chat to one of our friendly staff, or get in touch with our Community Engagement Coordinator on: (02) 8048 3350 or headspace.hurstville@stride.com.au