Humans of headspace Hurstville Campaign

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Free Strike Bowling or Laser Tag passes –

have your say on what mental health means to you!

This year’s Mental Health month marked the launch of a new social media campaign by headspace Hurstville, to break down the stigma of mental health and spark conversation among local young people.

Humans of headspace Hurstville aims to give local young people and the community the opportunity to have their say on mental health.

“Everyone has the opportunity have their say so for a limited time, free Strike Bowling or Laser Tag passes are being offered to the next 15 people that take a moment to share their thoughts. So far, almost 40 people have been involved and it’s been great to hear what our community thinks about mental health.” said Sofia Potente, Community Engagement Officer at headspace Hurstville.

Inspired by the popular campaign, Humans of New York, Humans of headspace Hurstville was developed by headspace Hurstville’s Youth Reference Group (YRG) and is supported by the local St George and Illawarra Dragons.

Every year, a quarter of all young people across Australia will experience mental health issues, however only one in five will seek help.

“Everyone goes through a tough time at some point, but many young people don’t seek the help they need. We are excited to generate conversation about this important topic so we can start to break down the stigma around mental health,” said headspace Hurstville YRG member Stella Ladikos.

To join the campaign, click on the sign up button on the headspace Hurstville page or the link to take part today! Join local young people, and take a few minutes to share your thoughts or experiences. You can remain anonymous and your information remains confidential.