headspace Hurstville's Youth Reference Group Project

Scratch The Stigma

Scratch the Stigma was designed to raise awareness of mental health & reduce the stigma surrounding it. The artwork coincided with the mental health month theme, ‘Sharing your Journey’ using snakes & ladders to depict the high’s & low’s we face throughout our life journey. The scratch board solution was created by mixing acrylic paint & dishwashing detergent.

Members of the public were invited to select a coloured counter representing the way they felt that day and scratch the 'stigma' to reveal the underlying picture. This display was set up for a week across Roselands Shopping Centre, Westfield Hurstville Shopping Centre, Kogarah Library & Youth Zone. 

We were also lucky enough to have a film student from UNSW come to our events & meetings to record the progress of the project. If you haven't seen their first video, please click on the link below. Part 2 is coming very soon! 


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