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Raising awareness for youth mental health is a vital part of what headspace does.

headspace National Campaigns

Take a look through the range of campaigns we’ve shared with the Australian public to help build mental health literacy for young people, their friends and families, reduce stigma and encourage young people to seek help for mental health issues.
headspace Day
headspace day is an annual opportunity to support young people who are experiencing mental health issues.
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Take a Step
A campaign to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people with their social and emotional wellbeing.
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life isn't always glitter and rainbows
If life becomes overwhelming, know that headspace is a safe space for you to come and talk about everything you’re going through. We're helping thousands of young people from the LGBTIQA+ community get the support they need.
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Fathers Campaign
A lot of things go unsaid between young people and their parents, especially when it comes to mental health. Our Fathers Campaign aims to open up conversations between parents and young people, particularly fathers and sons, to help identify mental health issues and raise awareness of the support services available.
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Yarn Safe
Is there a lot going on? If you feel like there is too much happening clearing your head can help. There is no shame in talking it out. headspace is your space to yarn safe.
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So we asked some of Australia’s best athletes how they train their minds – what are the little or everyday things they do to reach their potential and live fun and fulfilling lives.
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The big Stigma
1 in 4 young Aussies will experience mental health issues and most of them will not seek help. There are many reasons why, although stigma plays a major role. To combat stigma, headspace encourages all Australians to talk more openly about mental health issues, which makes it easier for young people to seek help for them.
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mind • body • spirit • culture • country
The headspace Story • mind • body • spirit • culture • country is artwork that's been created by artist Riki Salam of We Are 27 Creative after consultation with key members of the headspace network and cultural advisors.
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