Here is some info about the centre.


Wheelchair users

 You can find 1 hour paid parking on Torrens st, or if you are being dropped off pull into the driveway here:

 Our front door is not an accessible sliding door. If you need assistance, knock and reception will attend immediately.

 Our toilet is wheelchair accessible, however, the door is not a sliding door. Ask reception if you require assistance.

 All internal doorways are wide enough for wheelchair access and flooring is kept clear.


◯ Each room has comfortable seating.

◯ Water is available at reception.

◯ Rooms are air-conditioned/heated.

◯ We have telehealth options for all our support options.

◯ Support animals are welcome.


 We have a quiet space with stim toys.

◯ If the space is unoccupied, young people can use our group room for movement.

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Invisible Disabilities

 Staff are aware that not all Disabilities are visible.

 We will take your requirements seriously.



 To get support, drop in, in person, or calling us using TTY.

 headspace will pay for an Auslan interpreter for all your support sessions.

 If you need to reschedule an appointment you can email us, come in in person or call us using TTY.

 Reception is in the process of learning basic Auslan for communication.

 All staff are accustomed to being asked for pen/paper or reading phone screens.

 All staff are familiar with lip reading etiquette. 

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Blind and low-vision

 On request, a walk through of the site can be arranged.

 Guide dogs are of course welcome. Staff are aware your guide dog is working and will not pat or play with them.

 When you arrive, staff will introduce themselves by their name and role.