Referral FAQs

Here are our current wait times (estimated)

6 weeks
Intake appointment
4 months
Youth Counselling
6 months
Mental Health Counselling

headspace is an early intervention service for young people. This means we work with people aged 12-25 who have mild to moderate mental illness.


Young people experiencing moderate to high mental illness can be referred to Catholic Care Next Steps High, Woden Community Service, or CAHMS.


Sometimes, young people may require more specialist services, for example support with a long term eating disorder or early psychosis. If this is the case, we can help them get linked to the right place.


headspace is part of the public mental health system. If a young person has financial resources, or their family or guardians do, we recommend they find a private mental health worker.

To do this, head to Find a Psychologist.


Unsure which services is appropriate? Call us on (02) 6113 5700 and we can give you some guidance.

We support young people with mental health, alcohol and drug use, education and employment and physical and sexual health. We also have family counselling, a peer worker and an art therapist.

Here is some info about our services.

Young people can access up to 6 free counselling sessions, although this can be increased to 10 in the clinician thinks it is needed.

The best option is to support a young person to call us on (02) 6113 5700 or drop in to our Braddon office together.

If we are the right service for them, we will book in an intake and go from there.

Other options:

  • With the young person’s knowledge and informed consent you can call or drop in on their behalf.
  • With the young person’s knowledge and informed consent, GPs can fax a general referral or a MHTP to (02) 6113 5744.
  • With the young person’s knowledge and informed consent, support workers, youth workers or social workers can use the following written referral and send it in through fax or email on :

Referral Form

If we are the right service, we will book the young person an intake appointment. After intake, they go on a waitlist for one of our mental health streams. 

The majority of our services do not require a MHTP so you can refer them without one. Young people will only need a MHTP if they are going to be supported by the Mental Health Counselling steam. If this is the case, we will let them know after intake.

Of course! You can call us on (02) 6113 5700. Please note: it is best to call us with the young person present.

Good question - this can be for a few reasons.


Eligibility: Sometimes, we are not the right service. In this case we will support them to get linked with the right service.


Lost contact: Sometimes we aren't able to get in touch with a young person. If they do not answer their phone or emails after two attempts we will take them off our waitlist. We let them know this is happening and give them an additional 2 weeks leeway to make contact.


No MHTP: If they need a MHTP and we have not received it after one month, or heard from the young person, we will take them off our list. We let them know this is happening and give them 2 weeks leeway to make contact.

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