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If you are a young person aged between 12-25 and need information relating to general mental health, physical health, work & study and alcohol and other drugs, this section is designed for you.


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how does alcohol affect mental health

A lot of people don’t think alcohol is a drug – but it’s the most widely used and easily accessible drug in Australia.

what is cannabis?

Cannabis is a drug that can be harmful to your health and wellbeing. Learn how it affects you and who you can talk to for help.

what is smoking & the effects on mental health?

Tobacco is one of the oldest known drugs. Find out more about its effects on you and your mental health

what is cocaine & the effects on mental health

Cocaine 'speeds up' the brain, which helps you stay alert and awake, and sometimes provides you an energy burst
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Alcohol and other drugs - Looking after yourself

Using alcohol and other drugs can be fun, but sometimes it can get out of hand. If your drug or alcohol use is starting to affect things that matter to you it can be a good idea to talk to someone about your options.
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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Many people feel pressured to drink alcohol or take drugs. If you choose to use, it should be on your terms. There is no ‘safe way’ to drink alcohol or take drugs, however if you are choosing to use, it is important that you use as safely as possible.
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alcohol and other drugs can have a big impact on your mental health.

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limit alcohol and other drugs to help your headspace

When you limit alcohol and other drugs you can clear your mind, improve your energy, and boost your motivation. And, you have a better chance of keeping your headspace healthy!