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  • Benjamin, 22, SA

    When the going gets tough...

    Today I logged on to eheadspace simply because I was at work, and chatting with a counsellor online was going to be far more simple than trying to use the phone.

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  • Ben, 15, NSW

    The feeling of no one loving you...

    I was 15 when all of sudden all of my 'friends' turned against me and I lost the most important girl in my life. It felt like all of the people I cared about turned on me because I was being 'me'.

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  • Dylan, 14, VIC

    Thank You eheadspace

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to eheadspace for helping me with coming out to my parents about me being bisexual.  eheadspace helped me with ways that I could tell them, and in the end it payed off.

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  • Michaela, 21, SA

    Continuous help

    I've been having problems for 2 years now and I felt like I couldn't really talk to anyone. I didn't trust people. I found it very hard to ask for help but eheadspace made it easy and they made me feel comfortable and heard.

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  • Taylah, 14, VIC

    Steps to getting better

    Although life is still stressful and things are still going wrong -  it's great to know I can come online and chat to someone and get support.   I find it easy because I have not actually seen this person and probably never will do.

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  • kiara, 13, NSW

    Thank you

    I just want to say thank you eheadspace for listening and helping me with my depression and anxiety. It helps to get things off your chest and just to stop having thoughts that scare you. First time using this site and I personally think it is great.

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  • Viki, 14, SA


    Thank you so much eheadspace. You were so supportive.

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  • Shannon, 18, VIC

    It's okay to not be okay

    Having friendship/relationship problems happen every year definitely took a toll on my selfesteem and mental health. I became withdrawn, isolated and depressed. I began to selfharm when I was 12; nothing too dangerous but it still wasn't a healthy habit.

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  • Brittney, 19, QLD

    Anxiety and Future Doubts

    It was really great to be able to tell someone all of my issues, while feeling totally heard and validated.

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  • Lianna, 12, SA

    Sad and Confused

    It's really been helping me to have someone to talk to and I am starting to feel better. I was provided with some great websites and advice and I haven't recovered yet but I feel like I'm on my way.

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