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  • Benjamin, 22, SA

    When the going gets tough...

    Today I logged on to eheadspace simply because I was at work, and chatting with a counsellor online was going to be far more simple than trying to use the phone.

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  • Michaela, 21, SA

    Continuous help

    I've been having problems for 2 years now and I felt like I couldn't really talk to anyone. I didn't trust people. I found it very hard to ask for help but eheadspace made it easy and they made me feel comfortable and heard.

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  • Sarah, 12, QLD

    Thanks so much

    Eheadspace helped me find myself and get my life back together. Hopefully this will help you too. :-D

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  • Mia, 15, VIC

    Thanks so much!

    thank you for helping me out with my strained relationship with my mum, I really needed someone to talk to and eheadspace helped me out so much! The counsellor I talked to was really nice and I hope people my age use this valuable resource as I have.

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  • Bella, 16, NSW

    Helped me clear my head

    I had been having some personal issues that I had no idea how to tackle. For a long time, I was wondering what I should do and how I could resolve these issues that we're making me feel very anxious.

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  • Emma, 15, NSW

    Online counselling

    eheadspace helped me so much with online counselling. I feel supported. I am so greatful that eheadspace was able to help me!

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  • Jay, 15, VIC

    Thanks guys

    I have been worried sick about going and seeing someone. The eheadspace team helped me to talk to my mum about going and seeing someone. I was so scared that I was thinking of ways to avoid the session at my local headspace centre. Thanks guys it means heaps.

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  • Kaitlyn, 22, WA

    Thanks a bunch

    I've been struggling for a long time, eheadspace has been there for me for some of that time. I can honestly say that eheadspace has made a difference. My counsellor worked with me and my face to face supports to help me in a really tough time.

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  • Micaela, 13, NSW

    Love Help, Thanks!

    My life was & still is shit, But cause of eheadspace they showed me this is only the beginnig of my life. Step 1-completed. Step 1 was 2 talk 2 someone. . Hopefully soon I will be able 2 see someone in real life in headspace.

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