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  • kiara, 13, NSW

    Thank you

    I just want to say thank you eheadspace for listening and helping me with my depression and anxiety. It helps to get things off your chest and just to stop having thoughts that scare you. First time using this site and I personally think it is great.

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  • Shannon, 18, VIC

    It's okay to not be okay

    Having friendship/relationship problems happen every year definitely took a toll on my selfesteem and mental health. I became withdrawn, isolated and depressed. I began to selfharm when I was 12; nothing too dangerous but it still wasn't a healthy habit.

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  • Jess, 14, NSW

    Sticky situation

    Hi everyone
    I was in a very sticky situation once and I didn't want to talk to my mum then I looked up kids helpline and I found eheadspace and spoke to a counsellor he helped me out lots I just want to say thanks eheadspace and I'm sure you'll…

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  • Mel, 15, NSW

    Feel Embarrassed About Talking to Someone?

    I was in a bad place, have been for awhile and I didn't want to say anything to anyone because I felt that it was embarrassing and I would be seen as weak.

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  • Sarah, 12, QLD

    Thanks so much

    Eheadspace helped me find myself and get my life back together. Hopefully this will help you too. :-D

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  • Ashley, 19, NSW

    Sad, stressed & not sure what to do

    I've dealt with OCD previously and had been to headspace a year ago. I haven't had any therapy for a little less than a year after leaving a psychologist. Today I decided to go on eheadspace to talk about further treatment and the issues.

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