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  • Benjamin, 22, SA

    When the going gets tough...

    Today I logged on to eheadspace simply because I was at work, and chatting with a counsellor online was going to be far more simple than trying to use the phone.

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  • Shannon, 18, VIC

    It's okay to not be okay

    Having friendship/relationship problems happen every year definitely took a toll on my selfesteem and mental health. I became withdrawn, isolated and depressed. I began to selfharm when I was 12; nothing too dangerous but it still wasn't a healthy habit.

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  • Jen, 18, QLD

    How eheadspace has helped me

    eheadspace has been amazing! They have supported me 100% and given me the best possible help. I was never the perfect child growing up.  eheadspace and headspace have helped me conquer my fears of what happened as a kid.  

    Thank you eheadspace

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  • Kaitlyn, 22, WA

    Thanks a bunch

    I've been struggling for a long time, eheadspace has been there for me for some of that time. I can honestly say that eheadspace has made a difference. My counsellor worked with me and my face to face supports to help me in a really tough time.

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  • Bridget, 21, QLD


    I logged into eheadspace about 2 years ago, I was absolutely terrified about what was going on and had no idea how to get out of it. I was so scared to receive face to face help, and eheadspace helped me alot with what.

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  • Ash, 15, TAS


    I was struggling a lot with school, family, friends, relationships and sexuality when i first started seeing a psychologist but she was only available for appointments every 3 weeks or so, so i started talking to eheadspace. . .

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  • Amy, 14, NSW

    Thank you x


    I would just like to say thank you for helping me through the tough times. You've been a real help :)

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  • Sarah, 20, QLD

    Better bad days

    Thanks guys. You've given me tools to let the healthy part of my brain stay in control when depression sets in. I'm slowly but surely hitting the goals I want to make me a normal, functioning adult.  

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  • Madison, 15, NSW

    Changed everything for me

    Thank you headspace, so very much. When I needed help with things but couldn't go to anybody they helped me with my stuttering and slurring of words and helped me get back on track.

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  • Rowan, 15, QLD

    I am so thankful

    I would like to thank the people at eheadspace, even though I still talk to them they have helped me with my self harm and general problems like relationships. Once again thank you all at eheadspace 

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