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If you are a young person aged between 12-25 and need information relating to general mental health, physical health, work & study and alcohol and other drugs, this section is designed for you.


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5 tips for managing study from home during lockdown

The world of study has changed temporarily, and lots of us are having to navigate studying and learning at home. To help you manage your studies from home, we've pulled together some tips.

face to face vs. online learning

Explore the ways you can choose to learn, be it face-to-face; online; or on the job

work and study help

If you are aged between 15 and 25 and need support to navigate your way through work or study, please check out the headspace work and study program.
Interactive Activity

how to impress in a job interview

Do you want to learn more?
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How to ‘adult’: Tax, super and other fun things

Don't know where your money goes each month? Wondering what the go is with tax? What even IS superannuation? Let's share our experiences with budgeting, tax and super in this group chat and level up on adulting!
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your rights in the workplace

Understand your rights and obligations, as well as what supports and resources there are to make sure you understand the conditions of your employment and where to get information when you need it.
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Managing exam stress

Exam time can be a really stressful time of year.

Learn how to look after yourself while staying focused in order to be as ready for the exam as you can be!
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managing stress while looking for work

Looking for work can be a stressful time, being kind to yourself and practising self-care is important.