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Evidence Summary
Fact Sheets
PDF factsheet

Sleep and Gaming

For some people, gaming and screen time can get in the way of having a good night’s sleep, which can lead to problems.
PDF factsheet

Understanding Gaming

The information in this fact sheet is designed to help you better understand your young person’s gaming and internet use and how you can support them to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.
PDF factsheet

Screen Time

The research is unclear how much screen time is too much. What is clear however, is that it is important to keep a healthy balance of online and offline activities in our lives.
PDF factsheet

Moving Your Way To a Healthy Headspace

Staying active can improve your sleep, give you more energy and help manage stress – all helping you keep a healthy headspace.
PDF factsheet

Limit Alcohol and Other Drugs to Help Your Headspace

When you limit alcohol and other drugs you can clear your mind, improve your energy, and boost your motivation. And, you have a better chance of keeping your headspace healthy!
PDF factsheet

Sleeping Well for a Healthy Headspace

Getting the right amount of quality sleep can give you more energy, improve concentration, help you better deal with stress and, you guessed it, keep a healthy headspace!
PDF factsheet

Eating Well for a Healthy Headspace

Eating well gives you more energy, helps you sleep better,
improves your concentration and, you guessed it, keep a
healthy headspace.
PDF factsheet

Healthy Internet Gaming

Healthy gaming can help us to have structure and routine in our lives and provides some beneficial downtime, relaxation and fun.