Be the B.O.S.S of your money

Whether your main source of income is wages from your job, pocket money from your family or Centrelink payments, it’s important to know how to confidently make decisions about your money, so you can reduce your money worries.
B.O.S.S. (budgeting, options, services, support), are easy ways to feel in control of your finances.

Sudden changes in your life like losing your job, unexpected bills or medical expenses, might make you feel like borrowing money is the only option. However, borrowing money also means paying additional money back to family, friends or a bank, which can quickly spiral out of control and can affect your relationships, careers, school work and also your mental health.

It can be scary when the bank starts calling, or you receive notices to pay or a supplier threatens to cut off a service because you’ve haven’t paid your latest bill. It can be embarrassing to admit you’re having money-troubles, and it can feel like the easiest option is to pretend it doesn’t exist. But the best thing you can do is talk to someone.


If there has been a change in your circumstances affecting your ability to pay your bills, help is available. Whether it’s talking to your family and friends, speaking with your employer, or asking your lender for hardship assistance, getting the right information and making good choices about how you manage your money can make all the difference, helping keep the debt collectors away and allowing you to be your own money boss.

headspace can help you learn new ways to manage and be in control of your money, and we’ve pulled together four easy steps to help you get on top of your finances.



4 easy steps to get on top of your finances




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