small steps every day


You probably have a lot going on right now. At times like these it can help to focus on the small everyday things that support your mental health.

Whether it’s 15 seconds or 5 minutes, try taking some time and space to focus on the things that make you smile. What’s your small step today?


Try our 7 tips for a healthy headspace: 

Inspiration, activities and downloads 

Find inspiration, discover interactive activities to help you stay motivated, or map out the small steps that are right for you.

Getting help

It’s important to access the right support and talk to someone who understands what you are going through. headspace provides youth mental health information and support services no matter what’s going on.

Create an account

You can get support for your mental health by creating a headspace account. Here, you can access group chats, online communities, interactive resources and 1:1 direct support with professionals.

Mental health

Feeling flat, sad or worried are common but when they impact your everyday life it can be a sign that you may need extra support.

Job search

Searching for a job can be really stressful. Access free job search support with headspace Work and Study Specialists.

For family and friends

Parents and support networks play a vital role in supporting young people with their mental health. There are small steps that you and your family can take to support your mental health.