small steps every day

helping you, help them

There are small steps that you and your family can take to support your family's mental health.

Whether it’s 15 seconds or 5 minutes, helping the family create some time to focus on the things that make them smile can make a difference. What small steps can your family take?


For ideas, try our 7 tips for a healthy headspace: 

Activities to do together

Work with your young person to create small steps for their mental health.

Self-care for family and friends

It’s important too to look after yourself. Having good mental health and wellbeing helps you cope with life’s changes and better support those around you.

Starting the conversation

Communication with your young person is important. Remember to check-in and make time to connect with them. headspace can help you prepare for the conversation.

Mental health

Feeling concerned about your young person, and wondering if they could be experiencing a mental health issue. Learn more about mental health, signs that it may be impacting your young person and how to respond.

Responding to conflict

Having disagreements is a normal part of family life, but it can be difficult to work out how to respond. Find tips on how to respond to family conflict.

Building healthy relationships

Its normal for changes to occur between parents and young people during adolescence and this may have been more significant during COVID-19. Learn tips on how to build a healthy relationship with your young person.