headspace Bathurst helps you back to school


Back to school

This month millions of students will be starting (or returning) to primary and secondary school.

headspace Bathurst understands that this can be relatively easy and stress free for some, but can be a period of increased stress and anxiety to others for a variety of reasons.

“The school period is a time of change and growth and many young people may be faced with the pressure to achieve and get good grades whilst also dealing with social issues like bullying and changes in their peer circle.” comments Karen Golland, Community and Youth Engagement Officer at headspace Bathurst.

“Add to this a mental illness like anxiety or depression and it’s understandable some young people need extra support,” Golland said.

headspace Bathurst currently runs the award winning headspace Youth Links to Industry, Training and Education (hYLITE) centre; a free service for young people that provides support with homework, assignments, resume writing, job seeking and more. hYLITE is run with assistance of 3rd and 4th year student “mentors” from the Charles Sturt University School of Psychology and operates between 3pm-5pm, Monday – Thursday at the Bathurst centre.

“Through this period it is important to reinforce that headspace is a fantastic means of support for young people and their parents. We provide an array of services all aimed towards helping the youth of our community to lead happy and healthy lives and recognise just how awesome they are,” continues Golland.

The hYLITE centre was opened in 2013 and has continued to operate through annual donations from the NAB Blayney 2 Bathurst (B2B) under the auspice of the Rotary Club of Bathurst Daybreak.

If you are a young person with something going on or even a parent with concerns about your child, chat to one of our staff at headspace Bathurst on 6338 1100, visit the centre on the corner of Havannah and Piper Sts, or visit www.headspace.org.au/headspace-centres/bathurst/ for more information.

Are you a parent or caregiver? You can also check out this info on warning signs and tips for supporting young people as they head back to school.