Financial Advisor: Edward

erb headspace pic

Tell us a little about the work you do with young people at headspace?

I'm at headspace every Monday afternoon and am able to assist with all aspects of financial wellbeing and answer questions relating to debt stress, budgeting and centrelink. You can make an appointment to see me by calling Mary or Cecilia on 6338 1100 or by asking at reception.

If you had a super power what would it be?

To be the best drummer ever…. I could solve people’s problems with super magical drumming.

How do you look after your headspace?

I make sure that I keep in contact with friends and family, I take time for myself and I make sure I’m surrounded by music all the time.

How would you approach a friend if you were worried about them?

I think the key is to be persistent and make sure you never give up on them and always remind them of the positives in their life and in the world. Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn your headspace around. Give them space but don’t leave them alone. Always follow up.