Groups with The Reach Foundation


Our centre, headspace Bankstown, has been collaborating with
The Reach Foundation over the last couple years on a variety of group programs and consultations held both in-person and online. 

The groups are 100% designed and led by young people, for young people, providing a unique experience within the conversations and support that forms within these settings. 

Groups we have facilitated with Reach include:

  • Turning Tides: 

    Turning Tides is designed to bring together young people and their parents/carers to share their experiences and build connection, respect and understanding. The program focuses on exploring themes like intersectionality, hybridity, individuation and dual social worlds. Reach facilitators create spaces to practice empathy for the young people and parents, alike. The main aim is to help build stronger bonds between young people and their parents no matter how their relationship looks like. 

  • Grounded:

    Grounded provides an opportunity to explore what young people want from life and set meaningful goals. It supports young people who are boundary pushers and risk takers; or those that are disconnecting socially or from school. The Grounded workshop creates a space for participants to express themselves honestly, unfiltered, without judgement while developing a greater social and emotional awareness.

  • Connections: 

    Reach's connection workshops are for young people to experience a unique youth-led environment that encourages them to challenge themselves, connect to others and grow their self-awareness and resilience. Reach is a safe space for young people to push their comfort zones and explore who they are. These workshops is open to all young people. Each workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of teenage participants while encouraging what it is to be a young person. Workshops provide opportunities for participation in interactive youth-led discussion and activities that encompass issues that all young people face.

We'd like to highlight some of our favourite moments with you, so we've asked participants from our groups to share what they would remember in a month's time from the program...

"To appreciate small achievements and to not judge others before getting to know them"

"To express my emotions and not let people walk all over me"

"That it helped me to feel more confident"

Facilitators expressed the visible progress that they have seen in young people who attended two or more sessions in developing resilience, feeling safe to be more expressive and confident within themselves, as well as learning to uncover their values and what they believe is important to them as part of their identity. 

We're looking forward to continuing this partnership to provide groups in the near future for our young people and their families & friends.

To learn more about upcoming workshops and group programs, stay connected with us on our socials (Instagram and Facebook) or contact us via phone or email