Coping with the stress of bushfires

It's common to need support after being in or witnessing an event that may be traumatic. It's important to find the right level or type of support for you, as everyone will be affected differently.

No matter what you're facing, headspace is here for you.

Natural disasters

In the days, weeks and months after a disaster, it is important to do things that make you feel physically and emotionally safe. Learn how you can look after your mental health.

Getting help

When things get tough, it can help to access the right support and talk to someone. headspace provides youth mental health information and support services no matter what’s going on.

Tips for a healthy headspace

Taking steps to maintain your mental health and wellbeing supports you to bounce back when times get tough.

For family and friends

Parents and support networks play a vital role in supporting young people with their mental health after a natural disaster. Find information and resources here.

Hear the stories of young people who experienced bushfires

Additional resources