Got a lot going on?

No shame in talking it out

Stress and pressure

Stress can come from many things and cause all sorts of problems.

Adapted from Menzies School of Health Research – Aboriginal and Islander Mental Health Initiative.

Be a young Leader

Find good ways to cope when feeling stressed out and show your mob that it’s ok to yarn to someone when you have lots of stress and pressure. There’s no shame in talking it out.

worry me not

Everyone has worries in their life but it becomes a problem when your worrying goes on for a long time. It’s important to look after yourself so you can overcome your worries and feel strong in your mind, body, spirit and culture.

Look after yourself

If you have noticed a change in yourself or a friend, it can be helpful to yarn with someone:

How headspace can help

headspace is your space to yarn safe. headspace can help you or a friend with any problems you have with; physical health, mental health and wellbeing, drugs and alcohol, work, school and study.


headspace has centres where you can yarn to someone face-to-face, or you can contact our online and telephone support service, or 1800 650 890. Remember, if you or a friend have a big worry and need urgent medical help, you need to call 000 straight away.


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