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Alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol can make you feel good for a little while, but in the long run will make you feel much worse. Drugs and alcohol can also weaken your spirit and your connection with family, community and culture.

It’s important to stay safe. These are some signs of when drinking or drug use could be becoming a problem.

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Alcohol is stuff like beer, cider, wine, spirits or homebrew but you might know it as grog, charge, booze, drink or piss. Alcohol dulls the senses and affects the way you think, feel and act. For most people, alcohol will relax you, slow down your reflexes and affect your balance and coordination. When you’re feeling down, alcohol can make you feel even sadder or more angry.

Yarndi, gunja

Yarndi or gunja is also known as cannabis, marijuana, grass, pot, dope and weed. Yarndi can change your mood and slow down thinking, feeling, movements, memory and concentration. After using yarndi, you might find it difficult to think straight, remember things and solve problems. In the long term, yarndi can make you feel less motivated and feel worse if you are feeling down.

Ice (crystal meth)

Ice can be called crystal meth, amphetamines, shabu, and it is the strongest form of speed. These drugs speed you up and make you have lots of energy. They can also make you feel invincible, and this can lead you to do unsafe things that you wouldn’t normally do like have unsafe sex or drive dangerously. It can make you lose your appetite, make you sleep less and run you down. Ice might also make you feel worried or suspicious or aggressive. Some people might see or hear things that aren’t there.

stay safe

There is no safe level of drug and grog use. Use of any drug always carries some risk – even prescribed medications can cause unwanted side effects. If you choose to use drugs or alcohol here’s some ways to stay safe;

  • Sip on your drink, don’t hook into it
  • Take a little bit of the drug first to see how strong it is
  • Don’t mix your drugs. It can be very dangerous
  • Use clean drug utensils
  • Don’t drive - keep enough money for a cab or organise a lift with someone you trust
  • Make sure you have a feed before you start drinking or using drugs and drink lots of water
  • It’s not safe to drink and use drugs while pregnant
  • Avoid drinking or using drugs if you have school, university or work the next day
  • Try drinking out of bottles with lids (safe from spiking)
  • Look out for your mates
  • Look after your health- remember to rest, eat well, sleep and take time out from drugs
  • Call an ambulance (000) if things get bad

Stay strong 
& healthy

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Look after yourself

If you have noticed a change in yourself or a friend, it can be helpful to yarn with someone:

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How headspace can help

headspace is your space to yarn safe. headspace can help you or a friend with any problems you have with; physical health, mental health and wellbeing, drugs and alcohol, work, school and study.


headspace has centres where you can yarn to someone face-to-face, or you can contact our online and telephone support service, eheadspace or 1800 650 890. Remember, if you or a friend have a big worry and need urgent medical help, you need to call 000 straight away.


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