Webinar for Parents & Carers

11 Jun 2021

We are excited to offer some upcoming opportunities at both headspace Frankston and our satellite site headspace Rosebud

In collaboration with headspace National, headspace Rosebud and headspace Frankston are hosting free online webinars for parents and carers of young people to help support their mental health through COVID-19

Some of the information that will presented will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of mental health and mental health literacy
  • Build skills and strategies to support the mental health and wellbeing of your young person, including their transition to work and study
  • Build awareness of local, state and national supports available to young people
  • Showcase your local headspace centre community resources

The webinar will consist of a presentation around youth mental health, followed by a group panel with guest speakers

The headspace Frankston webinar will be happening online on Wednesday 16th of June from 7pm - 8.15pm and the headspace Rosebud webinar will be happening online on Tuesday 22nd of June from 7pm - 8.15pm

To register for these events you can head here for the headspace Frankston event and here for the headspace Rosebud event

If you have questions about these webinars, you can contact headspaceschools@headspace.org.au