Million for Mental Health Day

27 Oct 2022

Million for Mental Health Day, happening on the 10th November, is the very first national fundraising campaign by headspace.


The goal is to raise $1 million on 10th November - this will help headspace expand and enhance the range of services available for families across Australia that are looking after young people experiencing mental health challenges.


We know that families are vital in supporting young Australians - families have a unique understanding of their young person and may be the first to notice and recognise the early warning signs of mental ill-health, but sometimes can feel unsure about what to say, where to start or who to call.


Family's involvement in the care of young people can be strengthened by education, training and guidance in mental health and wellbeing. headspace wants to ensure that all families have what they need to best support a young person with their mental health.


Funds raised from Million for Mental Health Day will help headspace increase available services and resources for families supporting a young person going through a tough time.


By raising $1 million, headspace will be able to:

  • Enhance the quality, range and depth of resources on our website for families in need
  • Improve support for headspace centres to enhance their services available for young people and families
  • Develop family support training for headspace centres, enabling them to deliver sessions to families in their local communities
  • Implement a new service, offering online learning to enhance skills of families supporting a young person with mental-ill health
  • Implement a new online therapist assisted service to provide families with further 1-1 support


If you want to learn more about this campaign, hear real stories from families and young people or donate, head HERE