Our Mindful Walking Group is Up and Walking! RSVP now to Join the group in 2020

Our mindful walking group aims to teach participants what mindfulness is all about, help them try out a range of different mindfulness techniques, and learn how to easily incorporate mindful practice in their day-to-day life. The group will take participants out into the community to help them explore mindfulness in the beautiful surroundings of Redcliffe. At the moment the group is for those above 18 years old, however, we are aiming to run the program for those under 18 next year so keep an eye on this space! 

If you are interested in being in this totally free mindful walking group in 2020, contact our reception on (07) 3897 1897 or email: headspace.redcliffe@openminds.org.au 

 If you are under 18, keep an eye on this space! A Mindful walking group for under 18's is coming soon! 

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