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Tuning into Teens workshop held by Midvale Hub Parenting Service at headspace Midland

23 Sep 2019

We are very excited to announce that Tuning into Teens is running for a second time this year with Midvale Hub Parenting Service! For those of you who don’t know much about the program - it looks at upskilling parents with children aged 12-18 years around understanding their teen’s emotional experiences.

The program starts on Wednesday 30th October from 5.15-7.15pm and goes for 6 consecutive weeks.   

If you have a parent who would be interested in this program, please provide them with the attached flyer which can also be found in reception.

Midvale Hub have recommended that a parent should self-refer by calling their office directly.
Phone: (08) 9290 6827

There are also a handful of other programs that Midvale Hub run and they are open to chat to a parent (in person or over the phone) to find out what extra support they are needing with their young person.   

Please note that spots are limited, so parents should refer sooner rather than later.

Some feedback from the parents/carers at the end of the last program: 

“It’s given me the confidence to parent my teen knowing I’m not always going to get it right and knowing that that’s ok”

“It helped me to understand the ‘bid for connection’ in my teen and see them for what they are”

“Change the way I tune into my teen”

“I think all parents should have the chance to do this course”

“I have the skills to emotion coach"

Click here to download flyer