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What's Happening With My Health Record?

29 Jan 2019

You might have seen a lot of information in the news over the last couple of months about My Health Record (MHR). We realise that this is probably very confusing for everyone, a lot of different opinions and other people telling you what to do with your MHR. The following post is to provide information to young people who access headspace Melton’s services.

What is My Health Record?

An online summary of key health information. The Government will automatically create a MHR for every Australian from 31 January 2019. Many young people may not be aware of this.Some young people may choose to actively control their MHR, others may do nothing and not actively manage their MHR, while others will opt out before this date, or canceltheir MHR at any time. Some young people (aged between 14-17) may have their record accessed by their parents if they do not log in and set permission control.MHR gives health providers involved in someone’s care access to a client’s health information, such as:

• allergies

• medications

• medical conditions

• health care summaries

• pathology test results

 Registered health care providers are able to upload a summary of any health care provided via an individual’s medicare health card to My Health Record 


Who gets a MHR, and how do I access and control it?


The Government will automatically create a MHR for every Australian from 31 January 2019. If you don’t want a MHR you will need to opt out before this date. However, if you miss this date  you can always choose to cancel your MHR at any time.


 Click HERE  to download our resource for helping young people navigate My Health Record. It provides more information about MHR such as what data is stored on there, how to access it, who else can access your information and how to opt out if you want to. headspace Melton respects everyone’s choices with MHR, whether a young person wants to have an account created or wants to opt out it doesn’t matter to us. We just want to make sure you all have the facts :)