What To Expect at headspace Melton

05 Dec 2018
We Hope This Guide Helps Anyone Who Is Coming To See Us For The First Time

Visiting headspace Melton for the first time? Feel a little nervous? That is absolutely understandable and we will help you feel comfortable :) !  We’ve designed this guide to let you know what to expect when popping in to see us for the first time.  Think of this as your cheat sheet to headspace Melton.

The First Step

You can call reception on 8065 5600 or you can walk in by yourself or with someone else.  You can also ask someone to call for you. 

If You Call

A receptionist will ask you for your contact details and put you through to a duty worker (the person who will learn a bit about you and give you more information about us), if one is available.  If a duty worker is not available, reception staff will take your number and we will call you back.  The duty worker will have a brief chat with you and, if you agree, book a meet and greet so that you can tell us more about your needs. 

Please note you can also leave us a message on our duty phone (0466820809) and via email at: contact@headspacemelton.org.au

If You Walk In

We will ask you to complete a walk in form (which helps us to know how to support you and which can be easier than talking about how you are doing) and, if you agree, a duty worker will talk to you further and organise a meet and greet.  Please note: Due to our limited number of staff, it is easier if you can come in before 5pm. 

Referred by Someone Else

We will take some details from them, and your phone number, and give you a call.

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

headspace Melton’s services are completely free.  For some services, you may require a Medicare card, but this will be discussed with you when you attend the centre. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/medicare-card

Where are we?

headspace Melton is located at Level 1, 16 Brooklyn Rd, Melton South as part of the Melton Station Square shopping precinct.  Once you arrive, head up the stairs to your right and you will see reception.  For more information on where we are located, visit either our Facebook: www.facebook.com/headspacemelton , website: https://headspace.org.au/headspace-centres/melton/ or contact reception on 8065 5600

What Happens when I arrive for a meet and greet?

Once you arrive you will be greeted by one of our lovely reception staff. They will give you a registration form and consent form to complete and provide you with details of your rights and responsibilities.  They will also ask you to complete a brief survey on an IPad.  All the information you provide is strictly confidential and will not be released without your permission, unless we are concerned about your safety.

 After you’ve completed your survey, you’ll be greeted by a headspace Melton clinician who will talk with you to discuss the support you would like.  Always feel comfortable to bring someone with you when you come to headspace Melton.  It is your choice who comes into your appointments.  You’ll probably be asked a lot of questions on your first visit. This is to make sure that all the important areas are covered, and the best support is made available.  As you get to know and trust your headspace workers, talking about things will get easier.