Wear It Purple Day - August 26!

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This year Wear It Purple Day lands on Friday August 26 so dress up in purple and BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!

Our rainbow group All 4 One will also be celebrating Wear It Purple Day at their next meeting on Wednesday August 31 4:30-5:30 if you would like to come along!

What is Wear It Purple Day?

Wear it Purple wants young people everywhere to know that they have the right to be proud of who they are! Sex, sexuality or gender identity does not change this.

Who can participate?

Whether you identify somewhere on the rainbow spectrum, someone you know does, or you just think that everyone can be proud... join us!

Why Does Wear it Purple Day Matter?!

Wear it Purple's vision is to see the wellbeing of rainbow young people become equal to their peers. We Wear it Purple to...

CELEBRATE who we are as rainbow young people... Many of us feel isolated, so Wear it Purple Day is a way to bring together thousands of supporters' voices and show our peers they are not alone;

EDUCATE our peers and challenge societal attitudes... There are heaps of social cultures that mean we face challenges that our peers don't share. We know that this is not always intentional, so we use Wear it Purple Day as a platform to raise people's awareness, and shape the world we live in.

EMPOWER rainbow young people... By providing resources, skills and a youth-led community, we aim to equip rainbow young people everywhere to make change in their own environments.


Check out details here: http://www.wearitpurple.org/#!wear-it-purple-day-2016/l3c07