Reach Crew Recruitment

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Reach Foundation are on the hunt for exceptional young people who want to make their mark and be our next generation of Reach crew.

Reach crew is a training and volunteering opportunity for 17-20 year olds to learn and develop skills to support other young people to fulfil their potential and our senior facilitators who design and deliver our workshops. The crew are provided with training to develop their listening, presentation and teamwork skills as well as a sense of satisfaction by doing something meaningful for other young people.

Reach are looking for a specific kind of person to add to their crew team – someone who is DYNAMIC, ENERGETIC and CHARISMATIC who may INSPIRE, INFLUENCE and/or LEAD their peers through sport, drama, music, or just being the person that gets others motivated.

Has someone jumped to mind already? That’s great! Are they:

  • 17-20 years old?
  • Able to get to the Reach space in Cessnock  for training and other events?
  • Available for training on Monday nights (4 per term)?

What now? You have two options:

  1. Nudge the young person/s you think would be great for Reach crew. Forward this email and encourage them to apply here.
  2. Nominate. If you don’t think the young person will apply but we really should meet them you can nominate here.

Please feel free to forward this email and direct people to our website where they can find out lots more about Reach and what being crew is all about.

If you want to discuss any of this or have any questions please contact Tayah.
(02) 8218 09200 / send Tayah an email