Meet Melash

headspace Maitland has some super exciting news to share...we have added a fluffy new member to our team! Meet Melash our Tamaruke therapy puppy. Melash is still in training for the next four to six weeks but when he graduates he will be hanging out in our waiting room, playing, getting petted and hopefully making your first visit to headspace a little more fun. While Melash is in training he will try to pop in for play-dates as much as possible (he is a very busy puppy!) So if you see a little fluffy ball of goodness running around our waiting room feel free to say hi and have a pat - Melash is VERY friendly!

We would love to thank the amazing Charlotte McGrath from Tamaruke Breeders who kindly donated our new best friend Melash. We are SO grateful!

We would also like to thank Shane from Pets R Us at Raymond Terrace who discounted a bunch of puppy-goodies to make Melash feel right at home.

Another big thank you to the headspace staff who have worked on this project for over TWO YEARS! Lots of hard work has gone into making sure Melash is comfortable, happy, well and loved.


IMG 3130

**Melash with his best friend Elephant.