Ladies - we need to talk!

The Reach Foundation and Body Positive Athletes presents…


Ladies, we need to talk! A female body image forum. 


Recent research which surveyed 10,000 women from around the world revealed that 85% of women and 77% of girls are opting out of important life activities such as socialising with family and friends, or joining a sport or a club because they are not comfortable with their physical appearance.


That’s 85% of women and 77% of girls putting a 'cap' on their enjoyment of life in general because of how they feel about their bodies.


The only way we can change these statistics is by getting together as women from all backgrounds and walks of life and TALKING. Talking about how elements of our daily lives such as social media, fashion, fitness and sport and mass media impacts these statistics and how we can go about activating change in these areas.


This is a FREE event, however tickets are limited so secure yours today, come along and be a part of the change that you want to see. Link to tickets is here:

Reach we need to talk