Final Bubs Club before the term break!

Happy hump day! 

If you're all over our social media, then you're probably already aware that bubs club does not run through school holidays, which means that tomorrow is our last until term 3 resumes!

Bubs Club


To break the NSW term dates down as of the 25th of June 2018:

Term 2: 1st May - 6th July 

> School holidays from the 7th of July - 22nd of July 

Term 3: 24th July - 28th September 

> School holidays 29th September - 14th October

Term 4: 15th October - 19th December 

<School holidays 22nd December - 28th January 

We'll see you either tomorrow or otherwise on the other side of the school holidays. If you have any questions, give us a buzz on 4931 1000 or contact liz @