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Introducing our black and C.U.T.E group

08 Apr 2019
Did you know that here are over 100 native African families in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community?
Many young African girls are marginilsed in our community due to a lack of relatable role models. Many of them are raised by parents who didn't grow up in this community and who have different perceptions of femininity in a western world.
Our Black and C.U.T.E group (Courageous, Unstoppable, Tenacious, and Earnest) seeks to address the dilemma that exists between living across two communities and aims to give young African girls a voice. The group also includes parents, in particular mothers, in order to strengthen the relationships in their own families.
Black and C.U.T.E aims to empower black girls and ensure that they reach their fullest potential.
Our sessions are packed with fun and engaging activities that enhance team work, self-confidence, African pride, a sense of belonging and contributing to our community. As a group of
black girls we take pride in our 'Africaness' and aspire to represent the continent in a positive way.
We'd like to run the groups weekly at headspace Kalgoorlie from 2-4pm. For more information please contact headspace Kalgoorlie.